Education and AlumierMD

AlumierMD is a medical skin care brand created by PhD scientists and physicians - our top priorities are research and education. We offer practical sessions on our innovative professional treatment protocols and retail products as well as advanced training in specific skin conditions. Sessions are led by certified AlumierMD aestheticians.

Our mission is to ensure that your business thrives by creating a controlled e-commerce solution for you and your clients while ensuring you receive full compensation.

AlumierMD Professional

Skin care professionals who have chosen to represent AlumierMD are required to complete the first AlumierMD certification course offered by the Global Institute of Dermal Sciences. Upon successful completion, professionals will receive their certificate and lapel pin. This is an achievement that should be celebrated and the pin worn with pride.

AlumierMD Advanced Specialist Education

AlumierMD Professionals have the opportunity to continue with advanced training and become a “Specialist” in specific skin conditions. A lapel pin indicating a particular area of expertise will be awarded at the end of each advanced course along with a certificate.