Welcome to December! It’s a month full of twinkly lights and festive partying, whether it’s the work thank-you celebration, an outing to one of the sparkling ice rinks, or catching up with family and friends. Now wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all of these events and more with skin that’s glowing? YES! Luckily, we’re here with everything you need to get the glow, whether you’ve got 3 weeks or 24-hours. Plus, the January skin come-down? Not happening here! Our festive skin guide will see you through to the new year with extra glow.

Wellness is everything

The holiday season is here, hurray! But let’s prepare because the attack on skin can be HUGE. We all know how stressful the silly season can sometimes be and the lack of sleep due to prepping, wrapping or parties can have a visible (negative) effect on the skin. From drinking hot chocolates instead of water, to swapping the gym for another festive film, come January skin can suffer. The truth is January is bad enough without post-holiday breakouts and inflammation, so staying on top of your overall wellness this season can help when coming out the other side! But, how?

Well first up, stick to your skincare regime, do not, we repeat, do not, go to bed with your makeup still on. Consistency is key when it comes to skincare and if you already have a great routine packed with hybrid products and active ingredients, don’t let those results slide. Keep using those great products and you will help to protect skin even if you’re sleeping less! We also recommend booking a skincare review with your pro this month. You’ll get personalised advice for party season and it’s also a great time to ensure your routine is winter proof as the cold weather starts to bite. Now let’s talk party prep, depending on how long you’ve got to get ready . . .

Three weeks to go

The festive vibes are everywhere, winter candles lit, lights twinkling, and you’ve got 3 weeks to get skin in great, glowing condition before New Year parties, so what should you be doing? On top of sticking like glue to your skincare regime, ensure you are taking time to mask. You could also try our Prep & Enhance kit, which after just 4 weeks was clinically validated to deliver some impressive results: in a multi-country, multi-site study, (conducted with 24 patients on Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI, aged between 20-60) results after four weeks showed up to a 70% improvement in the appearance of brown spots, 58% improvement in the appearance of redness, 58% improvement in the appearance of pores, 54% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 45% improvement in the appearance of skin texture. Start now and you’ll be glowing into the new year!

One week to go

It might seem like not much can change but in 7 days, you can boost your inner hydration, so make drinking eight glasses of water a big priority for plumped up skin. Take care to get decent sleep and rest when you can, as tiredness quickly makes itself known on the complexion. Boosting your natural cell turnover is a shortcut to glowing skin, so add our Bright & Clear Solution to your morning and evening routine – just swipe over skin after cleansing. The liquid formula utilises salicylic acid and lactic acid to exfoliate and brighten, while vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum helps to protect skin from damage.

24 hours to go

It’s the night before your big party, a festive outfit hangs ready in the wardrobe, and all that’s left to do is get your skin glowing. Let’s go! A face mask is your best friend, but our pre-mask prep secrets will help to boost results. First up, of course, cleanse your skin to ensure the beneficial ingredients of your mask don’t just sit atop a layer of dirt, makeup, and SPF. Now, big news, apply our MicroDerm Polish which gently, and effectively buffs away dead skin cells meaning you get brighter-looking skin. Follow this with our Enzymatic Peel – the next best thing to an in-clinic treatment. With 10% lactic acid, it’s one-third of the strength of an in-clinic chemical peel so it works to deeply exfoliate for an incredible glow.

Now choose your mask, our Aqua Infusion Mask is suitable for all skin types and intensely hydrates and plumps for a radiant complexion. If you’re fighting breakouts or want an even deeper clean, reach for our Refining Clay Mask. Formulated with naturally occurring clays and minerals that help to draw out impurities, it also works to smooth and brighten the skin. Don’t forget your eye area, when you mask, try our refreshing Eye Rescue Pads. These moisturising and brightening wonder pads will help you to relax while they sort out blotchiness and even out your skin tone. Save some for the morning after too, they’re the secret to fresh eyes after a sleepless night!

The real secret to glow is in working with a skin pro who can advise you on the best skincare for your skin’s needs, your lifestyle, and your skin goals. A skin pro is the best gift we can think of this holiday season!